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Process Green adds value to businesses by providing credit card processing solutions that lower expenses and simultaneously donates a portion of every transaction to SCOPE.
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Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE) was established in 1993 in response to the civil unrest that took place the previous year to develop proactive solutions that address the social and economic disparities faced by low-income communities of color that fueled the unrest. SCOPE fills a critical niche in the movement for social change—organizing communities of color in poor and working-class communities to ensure that they have an active role in shaping policies that affect their quality of life. To this end, SCOPE organizes communities, develops leaders, collaborates through strategic alliances, builds capacity through training programs, and advocates for quality job creation in emerging industries.

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How it helps

Revenue generated from Process Green businesses will go toward helping us create a real world model of community resilience through implementing physical improvements of the SCOPE facility and the surrounding neighborhood. Examples: installing green infrastructure to reduce heat island, infiltrate storm-water to bring greatly needed trees and gardens to the area; a solar system that can both generate clean energy and support an emergency cooling station; and seismic retrofits to make the building a safe space following a disaster. All implementation will engage community and support local job training opportunities.

Current Donors

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1715 W. Florence Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90047
(323) 789-7920

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1 BUSINESSES are currently supporting SCOPE. They have generously chosen to donate funds to our cause through Process Green®. Every time a purchase is made, a percentage goes to us! Please consider these businesses for your patronage. Thank you!

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