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Process Green

credit card

processing with a cause

Make a positive impact in many people's lives. Process Green is an easy way to be fiscally and socially responsible.

Process Green >
Edward Pakdaman - Founder and President


with such a great outcome

All we have to do is run our own business and we're helping a great cause. Process Green® is good for any business.

Always a Bridesmaid & George's Tailoring >
Natalie Haber & George Haber - Owners


to a good cause & save money

We're really happy with Process Green, you help us contribute to a good cause. Your customer service is great and you're actually saving us money.

Moorpark Healthcare >
Dr. Nhat Vo & Dr. Fadel Abdulhai


credit cards & help others

if you're going to accept credit cards, Process Green is the only way. When any car gets fixed here, we are in turn, helping underprivileged children.

Rhythm and Speed Los Angeles >
Esfand Ghalebi - Owner


should be using Process Green

Everybody that is accepting credit card payments should be using Process Green. Every slice of our pizza sold supports cancer research.

The Pan Pizzeria >
Moshe Maghboule & Pouyan Bedrood - Owners
What if every credit card swipe donated to charities in your community?
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More than half of all purchases
nationwide are made with
credit cards and rapidly increasing.
Credit Cards
Businesses pay processing fees
for all credit card transactions.
Our merchant services save
businesses money and develop
meaningful relationships with
We donate 10% of our revenue to
non-profits that heal, nuture, and
advance our global community.
Strengthening relationships
between shoppers, businesses,
and non-profits, we help you turn
small change into BIG change.
our unique process
save money on
credit card processing

support a good cause

stronger connection
to community

customer appreciation
save money on
credit card processing

donations from supporting

raise awareness

donor base
connection to a
local charity
pride of purchase / support
increased business
business loyalty
stronger connection to

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delighted clients

"I have been using Process Green for over three years. Since I am in the restaurant and hospitality business, I do a lot of volume for credit card sales and ...Read More "

Picture Heather Tierney
The Butcher's Daughter, Pulqueria, and Apotheke

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Picture Laurel Rosen
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

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Picture David Woodbury Joel Rieck
Arthur Murray Dance Center - Santa Monica

"Working with the children of Sierra Leone to create a new mindset that will enable their freedom, is my greatest work. This ever important ...Read More"

Picture Tiffany Persons
Shine On Sierra Leone Non-Profit Organization

"I have only praise for Process Green. I not only have a merchant services vendor now, but I have a company holding my hand every step of the way through ...Read More"

Picture Aviva Ebner
The Commentary Apothecary

"We have been working with Process Green for about 4 years now and the process couldn't be easier. We have been in business for over 40 years and have worked ...Read More"

Picture George Haber
George's Tailoring

"When I was offered to change my credit card processing over to Process Green, I was unsure if there was truly going to be a smooth transition and ...Read More"

Picture Dr. Fariborz Rodef
Owner / Dentist
Children's Dental Fun Zone

"What a pleasure it is to be working with Process Green! Not only are they saving us a ton of money on our processing, but we are able to designate a ...Read More"

Picture Ann Ryan
Founder & CEO
Beachy Cream

"Process Green has been our credit card processor since 2012 and every year, we continue to save thousands of dollars. Behind the savings is a ...Read More"

Picture Dr. Nhat Vo
Owner / Doctor
Moorpark Healthcare

"I was hesitant at first, thinking of the time it might take to change services. The fact that a percentage of the money that was already going into our current ...Read More"

Picture Jeff Vaughan Jr & Sr
DSJ Printing & West LA Print

"We have been working with Process Green and they are outstanding in all facets. Their integrity and honesty is beyond reproach. They look for the best and ...Read More"

Picture Craig
LED Lighting Solutions USA