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#smallchangeforBIGchange A donation is made to Free The Children every time you make a credit card purchase from The Commentary Apothecary.

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The Commentary Apothecary

Beauty products and home goods made with all natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, promoting wellness with a dash of wit; a way to have the final word on the lifestyle products you use. ::: The Commentary Apothecary, Inc. was founded on a promise to help people live a healthier lifestyle. As a science and health educator, I was shocked that many so-called natural products contained harmful ingredients and chemical preservatives. I vowed to not only change my own lifestyle, but to educate others on the benefits of truly natural products. I created my own lifestyle company in order to produce high-quality, natural, vegan-friendly bath and beauty products and home goods. Since laughter is known to have health benefits, I also try to infuse a dash of wit into the names of my products.

The Commentary Apothecary The Commentary Apothecary

555 W 5th St, 31st Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Free The Children

Free The Children carries the power of WE globally, empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty through our holistic, sustainable international development model, Adopt a Village.

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We believe that when we act together, we change the world. Donate to Free The Children and help us empower families in developing countries to transform their lives and lift themselves out of poverty.

Free The Children

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